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A. Introduction

Before choosing the bundle/product we recommend you to read carefully the description and the features of our products from the section "Template", more precisely documented :
- About the differences between the bundles: bronze, silver, gold, multiuser;
- About the graphics differences between the templates;
- About the different optional functions;
- About the advantages you can benefit by using the dynamic templates by Mitica design for stores and listings.

We recommend you to also visit the section Frequently Asked Questions of section "FAQ"

B. Your preferences

Only Mitica Design gives you the possibility to express your preferences.
Before producing the template, download and fill the form “information and preferences” you can find in the section “Forms”, you can give us the most useful information that will help us to comprehend your needs, know your taste, and understand which will be the best solution for the store and the listings.

C. Production time

Production time:
- Chosen bundle/product (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Multiuser);
- Demand for contents and graphics changes by the client;
- Demand for particular functions: clickable search brands, sliding brands etc;
- Other
The average production time is:
- Bundle/product Bronze: one to two weeks
- Bundle/product Silver: about two weeks
- Bundle/product Gold: two to three weeks
- Bundle/product Multi user: about a week

If additional changes are requested during the production time, the time schedule might be longer.

Production phases, installation and delivery:

  1. Draft design
    The first draft of the template of the store, on which we will work, will be produced and you’ll see it in different occasions, so you can give us your comments and/or tell us the changes you want to do. This draft is the exact copy of the final result for your store.
  2. Production of the template for the store
    After the approval of the draft, we will create the template for the store and we’ll add the eventual optional functions requested by you (example: search by brand, sliding brands, clickable images for every brand, link to the favorite categories, other)
  3. Test of the template for the store
    The template will be installed on our eBay store to ensure the correct operation and the alignment of every single element.
  4. Installation of the template for the store
    Once the template has been tested, we will proceed with the installation on your store. It will be necessary for us to enter your account, so you must give us your username and password that you can modify once we’ve finished the installation (it will take about two hours).
  5. Adjustments
    The last retouches and adjustments must be necessarily made with the template already installed on your store.
    See also “changes of the templates on the store” for further information.
  6. Production of the template for the listings
    The template for the listings is built starting from the graphic elements used in the store. Three different template models will be produced for you:
    - ONE : a model made for one photo;
    - SIX : a model made for one to six photos;
    - NONE : a model without photos.
  7. Delivery of the template
    Once built and tested on our account, you will receive the access data for the online editor “Mago Maker” ( from which you can manage, insert your contents and download the three template models

E. Purchase

If you’re interested in buying one of our bundles you can write us by mail at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or simpler by using the form in the section “Contacts”.
It also will be necessary to fill the form "Information and Preferences".

F. Payment

The cost for the performance and supply of services and digital objects must be prepaid or paid in two times, 50 % each, the first one to pay before the works start (before the store design phase), the second one after the installation of the store template o anyway before the creation of the listings template.

You must prepay trough bank transfer, paypal, postepay, others.

G. Prices

All the prices published in the section “prices” have to be considered tax free.